ArticleLancasterCastleNov2015aOn Thursday, the Sharples History department took a group of 40 Year 7 pupils to Lancaster Castle as an opportunity for them to experience wandering around a medieval castle ahead of their work on this term’s topic. The pupils started the day with a two hour guided tour of the castle.When visiting the working courtroom, pupils staged their own trial and an opportunity to be (temporarily!) locked inside a blacked out jail cell. After lunch, they walked over to Lancaster Priory to see the castle’s church. The impressive behaviour of the students was commented on by the tour guide, along with members of the public who were impressed with how well they represented the school. It was a great day, which the pupils thoroughly enjoyed and even the weather was on our side! Thank you to Miss A. Southern, Mrs L. Jagger and Miss H. Mallion for organising such a rewarding day out for Year 7.

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