The following has been sent to us from Mr Hampson, Year 6 teacher at The Oaks.


The Year 6 pupils at The Oaks are currently learning all about Ancient Greece in our Minotaur Mayhem project. As part of the project, it has been fantastic for the children to visit Sharples over the last few weeks to create their very own Greek pots. So far the children have learnt about the history of Greek pottery, how to sketch using tone and the many skills needed to make a clay pot. Visiting Sharples allows Year 6 to not only use the fantastic resources but also allows the children to see what secondary school is like. I know many of them are hoping to move to Sharples next year.

To watch a video of Year 6 making their pots visit,
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We are glad you enjoyed yourselves, you did some fantastic work.

Looking forward to seeing you again!

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