This Tuesday saw the visit of 65 pupils from St Matthews Primary School. The two Year 6 classes are currently studying the ancient civilisation of the Mayans and came along to Sharples to find out how the temple of Chichen Itza was constructed using ropes and pulleys.

By using ropes coiled round a series of wheels, the force required to lift a heavy load is dramatically reduced. This enabled the Mayans to raise large stone blocks with ease in order to construct their temple.

The pupils experimented with different objects, lifting them with pulley systems and measuring the force required to lift them.

The visit ended with a showing of the film "Ancient Civilisations" in Sharples own 3D cinema complete with popcorn!

A fantastic time was had by all and we would like to thank Mrs Heaton, Mr Badawy and Miss Molyneux for organising the event.

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