It has been a week of training for many of the Sharples’ teams due to a number of forced postponements of fixtures for both the boys and girls. Hopefully, the practice will pay off as the rest of the term is going to be a busy one  with girls and boys football fixtures, basketball, badminton, swimming,hockey, cheerleading and gymnastics.

All students have been completing the multi-stage fitness test to assess their cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance. Scores are then compared to national data and pupils are asked to reflect on their lifestyle and identify some action points as to how they can improve. Hopefully, the new year resolutions will pay off and significant improvements will be seen after Easter in pupils’ final bleep test of the academic year.

There were some stand out performances in the test. In Year 7, Jack Banks and Rehman Afzal achieved an excellent level 10 and the top score in the school was by year 9 pupil, Umair Ali with an outstanding score of 11.5. Year 11 GCSE pupils are yet to complete the test though, as they have been busy this week completing coursework and undergoing assessments on orienteering and personal survival.

Outside of school, year 11 girls have been making the headlines in the Bolton Evening News for their sporting achievements and the role they play at Sharples to inspire young people at the school to lead active and healthy lifestyles.

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