It has been a week of training and trials for both the boys and girls in PE. Attendance at after school practises have been fantastic. Year 7 have made a superb start at Sharples with many eager participants in netball, hockey and football.  

All students have been completing the multi-stage fitness test in lessons to assess their cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance. Scores are then compared to national data and pupils asked to reflect on their lifestyle and come up with some action points as to how they can improve.  

Although it's a difficult test and not the most enjoyable, pupils need to be congratulated on their efforts.  There are still some groups that are yet to complete the test, so the top performers in each year group could change. For the boys, the Year 8 top performer was Louis Ainscow who narrowly outperformed Jack Banks to the top score. Tommy Banks scored 10.2 in Year 9, in Year 10 Ali Khan scored an incredible 11.7 after a Summer training regime involving running up Scout Road. Both Declan Maunder and Muhammad Master achieved a superb score of 11.5. There have been significant improvements for the girls, special recognition is deserved for the stand out performers; Ayesha Gija, Gemma Durkin and Vicky Hanna.

Attendance to lunch time clubs has also been impressive this week. On Wednesday and Thursday there was 95 pupils attending clubs in PE. Hopefully this commitment will continue, leading to pupils achieving their goal of improving their health and fitness.

Next week’s action includes a Primary School netball tournament, football, netball and hockey matches.

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