This year, Sharples school sports day took place on Thursday 11th June. The weather was glorious, which added to the enjoyment of this spectacular annual event. There were a huge range of sporting activities and competitions taking place, including 100 metre sprints, relay races, egg and spoon races and also sack races.

The Key Stage 3 timetable was suspended so pupils who weren’t competing could spectate and cheer on their respective forms . 

Incredibly, the boys in 7H, P and E all finished level on points. It was all left down to the girls to compete for who the overall winning form would be. It was neck and neck but Form ‘E’ had the winning edge in the end, resulting in an overall win for their form. Hayden Dugdale also deserves a mention as he broke the 300m school record with a fantastic time of 50.12 seconds.

For Year 8, the winning boys form was 8H, followed by 8E and 8P respectively. Unfortunately, the girls in 8H couldn’t match the achievements of the boys and 8S were convincing winners, ahead of forms 8A and 8L, who came in at joint second place. The most consistent form was 8L, with the boys and girls both scoring highly, resulting in the form being crowned overall winners. 8E were close behind, with only a couple of points separating the form teams. Special mention goes to Tommy Banks, who beat the 300m school record with a time of 49.38 seconds.

For two years in a row, it was a tight contest between the boys in 9S, P and L. 9S managed to finish in first place, beating 9L by just 1 point. The 9P boys took third place. 9L and E were well ahead on points for the girls but 9E just edged it to take first place. Overall in Year 9, 9L were convincing winners, with 9E finishing in second place, just ahead of 9A. Umair Ali broke the school record for 300m with a superb time of 42.53 seconds.

The winners for each year group were as follows:













Well done to all competitors and those spectating who created a great atmosphere.  The winning forms will be presented with their trophies in the reward assemblies and individual awards during assembly.

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