By 11am on Saturday 4th July the sun was out and the Sharples Summer Fair was in full swing! Pupils, staff, family and friends of the school gathered on the school grounds to enjoy the various stalls, refreshments, games and arts and crafts on offer. One of the most popular stalls was Mr Capaldi’s ‘Splat the teacher!’ game. Assistant headteachers Mr Savage and Mr Braithwaite both took their turns in the stocks whilst numerous fair-goers relentlessly threw giant soaking wet sponges at them! Mr Werner, head of Design and Technology and Mr Capaldi himself also bravely took part!

Sharples school cheerleaders put on a fantastic performance for everyone just after lunch and there were some great prizes won at the Sharples raffle. These included two tickets to watch the BFG at the octagon theatre and a couple of BWFC tickets, kindly donated by the organisations involved.

In total a whopping £1200 was raised. Barclays bank are very generously contributing a further £1000 to this as part of their fund matching initiative. All proceeds will be going towards Bolton’s first ever community observatory, to be built here at Sharples this Summer.

We would like to thank everyone that helped us to make this possible and are very excited about the educational opportunities that will arise with this new addition to the Sharples site.

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