Performing Arts

Key Stage 3 Course Information

Year 7 and 8
In Year 7 and 8 pupils develop a range of skills through Drama.  Pupils will participate in a variety of practical activities designed to build self-confidence, empathy and co-operation.  Pupils will perform regularly in class and they will learn how to watch, listen to and appraise the work of others. They will work in a range of genres including Mime, Melodrama and Physical Theatre. Pupils will gain understanding of key drama techniques such as freeze frame, hot-seating and thought tracking.’ Pupils will create and perform their own improvisations and present short extracts from scripted plays.

Year 9
In Year 9 pupils will build upon the skills gained in Year 7 and 8.  They will develop their acting skills via a range of improvisations and scripted pieces.  ‘Issue’ based topics will be covered to broaden their experiences.  Pupils will sample Drama via established scripts, which will prepare them for Years 10 and 11 should they wish to opt for GCSE Drama.

Key Stage 4 Course Information

60% Practical Coursework
40% Written Paper
The GCSE Drama course aims to build upon the skills developed in Years 8 and 9.  Students will devise their own improvisations and learn/perform short extracts from established Drama pieces such as ‘Blood Brothers’, ‘Bouncers’, ‘Shakers’, ‘Blue Remembered Hills’ and ‘Kes’.

Students will learn how to evaluate their own work and that of others, in preparation for the written examination in Year 11.

Extra-curricular Opportunities

The Drama Department encourages students to practise their skills during lunchtime and after school sessions.  Frequent GCSE revision/practice sessions are arranged for Years 10 and 11 pupils in order to prepare them for their practical and written examinations.  Pupils will be encouraged to participate in the School Production.