Friday, 5th December saw publication of PPE results. There were many notable successes amongst pupils who had prepared very well for their PPE's. These students demonstrated outstanding progress at this stage.  The year group responded very well and were very reflective about their achievements which bodes well for the future. There were a few tears and a few cheers but, most of all, this has set the year group up well as a launch pad for summer 2015 when they have the potential to be the most successful year group the school has ever had.

Pupils reflect on the results:

‘Making a revision timetable paid off as it ensured I revised every subject thoroughly.’ Jessica Altdorf

‘GCSE podcast was really useful when revising. Every night of the week I attended after school sessions at school.’ Emily Chamberlain

‘Don’t leave revising til the last minute. Doing my mock GCSE’s has made me realise how important revision is. It’s worth putting the effort in now to get where you want to later in life.’ Jack Worsley


Following on from the Results Morning, the year group came together for a celebration meal at Nawaabs Restaurant, Stockport.  There was a wonderful atmosphere and on show were extremely positive relationships between staff and pupils. The meal was enjoyed by all and the behaviour of pupils was exemplary. Year 11 stand as a real credit to the school.

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