Ethos & Values

Our aim is to create a culture that delivers excellence in all that it does and offers all students an education that truly sets them up for top universities, top careers and success in life.

Our core value is ‘Learn Dream Achieve’. Learn means working to the best of your ability. Dream means aspiring to achieve what you want in life. Achieve means attaining success academically and as an individual. At Sharples School, these values underpin everything we do.

Our school will provide rich learning experiences that allow every student to master skills, develop passions and reach heights they did not imagine possible.

We believe in:

  • Having high expectations and the support to achieve them. We believe that all children, however challenging their circumstances and whatever their background, can achieve. But high expectations are not enough; every student needs to be given the support and guidance to achieve them.
  • School being, above all else, a place of learning. Great teaching and great learning are at the heart of all that the school does. What goes on in the classroom matters most and any barriers that get in the way of learning will be removed. Teachers will be freed up to teach and students will be expected to be learning all the time.
  • Sharples School will be a Centre of Excellence in scientific, technological and vocational science. As a science college we will be an active contributor to local and national developments within science and mathematics and will encourage young people to pursue science and mathematics post 16.
  • Character mattering as much as knowledge. A successful student has self-discipline, excellent behaviour, self-belief, resilience, kindness, creativity and the ability to think. These values must be taught explicitly.
  • Sharples School will be at the heart of the local community, promoting British values and celebrating the richness of all cultures and faiths in our own learning community.
  • Giving students trust, respect and responsibility. If we give our students the power, responsibility and opportunity to control their lives, we believe they will rise to the challenge. This is fundamental to our ethos.