On Thursday, Sharples School welcomed a group of Year 6 students from Sharples, St Paul’s and Walmsley primary schools. They enjoyed an evening of binary coding, taught by Mr Patel and helped out by our Year 10 computing ambassadors. The event saw the Year 6 students using binary to decode messages to find out about the history of coding.

The evening was a huge success as the pupils were taught how computers 'speak' using 1s and 0s. They were then given a task to test what they had just been taught by converting denary numbers into binary. Confused yet?? To push them even further, they were challenged to do it the opposite way round (converting binary numbers into denary). It’s fair to say that students and teachers all worked incredibly hard to reveal the answer to the question: who created binary?

Well done to all Year 6 students that attended, you were fantastic. Don't forget to email Mr Patel with the hidden message or tweet it to us!

By Megan Heyes Year 10

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