During the half-term break, 61 of our Year 11 students set off for Paris to experience the culture, visit some of the most famous landmarks in the world and most importantly revise for their exams!

The coach journey to Dover began on Thursday night and included a brief encounter in the early morning with Mr Singadia at Sandbach services to pick up forgotten items. The group boarded the ferry at Dover in the early hours of Friday morning.

On arrival at the European Campus Sainte Therese, we prepared for the evening entertainment courtesy of Linda's Big Quiz! Throughout the trip the groups of students, led by teachers, took part in a competition to win the most points for working hard and helping out. The winners of the quiz were Maddie's team and they celebrated with a large box of french chocolates!

Saturday saw the first revision session and the Sharples students thoroughly enjoyed studying Science by dressing up as Scientists from history. They presented the theories, experiments and findings dressed as the appropriate scientist. These included Dmitri Mendeleev, Gregor Mendel and Albert Einstein.

An afternoon cruise on the River Seine was followed by a typically french meal in Restaurant Le Saulnier complete with escargots (snails!).

On Sunday, it was the turn of English and Maths to provide study sessions. The whole group benefited from poetry revision with Miss Parkinson and Maths exam practice with Mr Keighley.

Then it was off to the Louvre to see the famous Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, which currently sits behind bullet proof glass! The next stop was the Natural History Museum of Paris with its life sized animal gallery.

On Sunday evening it was time to ascend the three elevators that took the group to the very summit of the Eiffel Tower. Stunning views of Paris were captured on camera by everyone.

Monday, the full day was spent enjoying the delights of Disneyland. Nine students (you know who you are!) joined the teachers on the popular boat ride "It's a Small World" as a punishment for minor offences during the trip!

The final night saw the Year 11 students dressing up in style and wearing a variety of masquerade masks for the Sharples Paris Disco! The winners of the best mask award were Uwais and Megan who each won prizes and more importantly points for their team!

After a tiring journey home on Tuesday, taking in a shopping visit to Cite Europe, the group returned "chez nous" to Sharples with new friends and wonderful memories.

A huge thank you to the 61 pupils and 7 staff members who attended the Paris 2015 Trip who were absolutely fantastic and a credit to the school!

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