I am pleased and proud to be reporting on another successful term at Sharples School. It has been a very long term and everyone has been working hard to make the learning experience for our students the best it can be.
Year 7 pupils have spent two terms getting to know us and secondary school life and are now fully settled, with a number of pupils making the headlines through their volunteer work for Bolton Lads and Girls Club. Year 8s continue to study hard and enjoy school and were involved in some stunning work to recreate their own historically-based anti-slavery campaigns. They also represented the school at this year’s Holocaust Memorial Service at the Festival Hall.
The options process for Year 9 pupils has finally come to an end and timetables are being worked on as a result. There are new courses on offer for this year group, who will be the first cohort to ‘graduate’ under the new government performance measures of Progress 8. This means that eight subjects will count towards an overall rating which, added together, will decide the school’s overall rating in the league tables. 
Year 10 pupils have participated in all kinds of extra- curricular events to support their academic studies, including BBC News Report and Bury College Masterchef. They are proving to be a very talented year group. Finally, our hard working year 11 pupils are almost ready for GCSEs starting on 08 May. We have introduced many different interventions to help them achieve their best. These include: Saturday lessons; after school sessions; the Hub of Independent Learning; Supersized Revision sessions during periods 6 and 7 finishing at 6.00pm; and a two week Easter School for various subjects. This has involved a huge commitment from Sharples staff who all want our pupils and our school to do well.
There has been a wide range of activities going on throughout the term from motivational speaker visits to university trips and we have also worked closely with our partner primary schools: we have hosted primary lessons here and at partner schools and we are running STEM clubs for primary pupils twice a week after school together with lots more. 
Next term will be a very short one, before we break again for Spring Bank Holiday. I am asking for your continued support in ensuring your child arrives on time to school EVERY DAY during this time, especially Year 11s for whom it will be a matter of days before their first exam.
We are very proud of our school and I hope that you are happy with the educational experiences your child receives. We are all striving every day to make Sharples an even better school, one where every pupil is given the opportunity to shine and be a success. We do rely on your help with this in reinforcing our policies - from wearing the correct uniform, to not taking holidays during term time; this is very much appreciated. 
School re-opens to all pupils for the start of the summer term on Monday 28th April at 8:45 am.

Have a safe and happy Easter.

Mrs R. Quesnel, Head Teacher

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