ArticleCareersEventDec2015aOn Friday 11th of December, our  Year 9 pupils took part in the annual careers networking event. The event, hosted by Sharples School, saw pupils interviewing volunteers for three to four minutes. The aim of the event was to allow our pupils to gain a more in depth knowledge of a variety of careers and further education pathways as well as increasing their confidence with talking to adults. Over forty volunteers attended, amongst them were; a Barrister, Biomedical Imaging Scientists, University of Manchester, Occupational Therapist, British Airways Cabin Crew and the Army. Pupil feedback was extremely positive with one pupil saying 'I feel inspired to work harder'. The volunteers too were very positive; 'The pupils were great and well behaved. I met some lively characters who had already given thought to their careers'. Volunteers included former pupils Jack Heggie (Performance Analyst), Adam Crompton (Commercial Manager) and Donna Yates (Learning and Development Facilitator).

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