On Friday 16th January, 120 pupils from Year 7 and 8 travelled to Birmingham's Think Tank Science museum to experience a real life version of "The Night in the Museum"!

It all began as the bell rang for the end of the school day and the pupils collected their sleeping bags, pillow and of course, the all important midnight feasts, before loading them onto the three coaches destined for Birmingham.

On arrival the Think Tank staff treated the group to their Science show "Cauldron Chemistry".  Everyone watched in amazement as the presenter set his own hand on fire, turned candle flames green and blew up a hydrogen balloon.

After a hearty evening meal the Sharples’ students took part in three workshops: a tour of the museum galleries, a visit to the planetarium and finally a Lego animation session, where the youngsters produced their own short films complete with sound effects!

Midnight signalled bedtime and the setting up of camps all around the museum. Tyler, Ryan, Will and Tom made their beds in the engine compartment of a 1960s steam train, whilst Humayra, Fatima and their friends chose a spot underneath a selection of one million year old fossils! The ghost of the science museum even made an appearance as Mr Capaldi made use of the public address microphone to add to the atmosphere.

At 7am the pupils were awoken for breakfast, before watching "Sharks 3D"  in one of the largest IMAX cinemas in the UK.

After a quick visit to the gift shop, the next stop was the West Midlands Safari Park, where pupils saw elephants, rhinos, giraffes and even a white tiger; now so endangered that they are only found in captivity.

The trip was an absolutely fantastic experience and one that every single person who attended, both staff and pupils, will remember..

A huge well done to all our Year 7 and 8 pupils who behaved impeccably and were a credit to our school.

Roll on next year’s sleepover!

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